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Karan industrial group has been establishe in 2002 in Tehran,to provide manufacturers in Iran with engineering plastics and specialized services .We help our clients with innovative solution with our products and services Polymer processors are benifiting the quality of our services for years.We all are creating solution to the requirement which are brought to us by our clients .Wide range of industries including, E & E, rubber industries , medical, packaging ,textile and etc.Would benefit from our high quality services.

Some of our products

دسته بندی فیلتر
All products
Engineering plastics
High performance polymers
Thermoplastic elastomers thermoplastic elastomers
Bio polymers
  • Cold Glues
  • Polyamide-PA11-12
  • Polyamide-PA 6-10
  • EPDM flooring
  • Titanium dioxide-TIO2
  • Oxa bio additive destructive-EPI
  • Starch-based Plastics
  • محصولات -مواد اولیه - بیوپلیمرها
  • Polylactic acid-PLA
  • Hot melt
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Polyurethane based adhesives
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane-TPU
  • Thermoplastic vulcanizate-TPV
  • Thermoplastic elastomer-TPE
  • Polyvinyl chloride-PVC
  • Polyether ether ketone-PEEK
  • Polyphthalamide-PPA
  • Polyetherimide-PEI
  • Polyphenylene oxide-PPO
  • Polyphenylene sulfide-PPS
  • Polycetal-POM
  • Polycarbonate-PC
  • Polybutylene terephthalate-PBT
  • Polyamide-PA6,66

Products and services

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