Special Services

Training Program

We have a training program for thermoplastic part manufactures, Based on the costumer request we can plan training sections for the company stuff.

The training will be in two different divisions:
  1. 2 hours production problems solving and injection molding process (it can be modified based on material, machinery and product line of costumer)
  2. 2 hours technical parameters study.

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced analytic and measuring equipment and technology. All the physical, mechanical properties of high performance and engineering polymers could be measured, controlled and verified with our enhanced equipment.

Engineering Consulation

If you need help to find out what should be your choice for every specific part among all the polymers and thermoplastics which are available in the world, Karan team will provide you with all information you need to make the best choice for your company to manufacture the performance part with outstanding quality at competitive price.

Also we support you with process trouble shooting to advise you the best solution.


Providing Parts

Karan Abar Baspar Company Prepared product and provides of polymer parts (injection, extruded, cast) in different industries.

The Karan Abar Baspar Specialization product parts based on the Application used in weigh and complex dimensions with physical and mechanical and thermal properties.


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