Cold Glues

Cold Glues are mostly water-based solutions. The adhesive solids are dissolved in water or other solvent, usually by cooking. A bond is formed when almost all of the solvent is lost via penetration or absorption into substrates. To create a solid bond, it requires 2 absorbent surfaces. There are both advantages and limitations on using this type of adhesives:


·     Excellent penetration

·     Excellent wet tack and tack range

·     Excellent final adhesion to regular stocks

·     Excellent heat and cold resistance

·     Easy to clean up with excellent machining characteristics

·     Storage conditions not critical – freeze/thaw stable

·     Low price per wet pound – raw material related


·     Slow setting speed 

·     Poor adhesion to difficult surface

·     Caution required when diluting

·     Must be protected from bacterial and fungal attack


·         چسب سرد صحافی

·         چسب پایه آب برای استفاده در صنایع چوبی و مبلمان

·         چسب های لمینیشن (سلفون کشی) پایه آب

·         چسب های ورنی UV-Varnish

·         چسب سرد بسته بندی جهت تولید جعبه و کارتن

·         چسب سرد لیبل زنی برای بطری های شیشه ای