EPDM flooring


Melos is recognized as the market leader in the worldwide supply of colored granules. Melos Granules are used all over the world to create robust quality elastic floor systems both indoors and outdoors. Melos Granules are available in 24 standard colors and in special colors on request.

 Thanks to the unique Melos quality and typical physical properties, Melos products are available for an extremely broad range of applications. Special characteristics plus varying hardness and grain size are the result of in-house know-how in formula development and compounding technology. At the time, we are continuously working to optimize our Melos Granules to develop new product characteristics for improved and wider use.

In addition to excellent physical properties such as hardness, elasticity and durability, the special quality features of Melos Granules are their color stability and their resistance to weathering and UV radiation. Flame-resistant formulas are also available for indoor use. From the raw material to the finished product, the granules undergo continuous technical and scientific development in Melos testing laboratory.


Melos Company is one of the international companies of producing colored Granules. The products of this company are widely used in running tracks, children play grounds, artificial turf grounds and anti-skid surfaces in swimming pools.

 The flexible Melos Granules are the answer to all your needs. Melos in a system ensures improved athletic performance by reducing physical demands on the athletes. Long-lasting elasticity, skid prevention and weather proofness make for durable, cost-effective flooring systems which is why Melos Granules are successfully used in a broad variety of flooring applications, both indoors and outdoors. The granules can be blended to obtain custom colors, offering additional creative scope for architects, park and landscape designers.