Additive masterbatch

Masterbatch is a solid or liquid additive for plastic used for coloring plastics (color masterbatch) or imparting other properties to plastics (additive masterbatch). Masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of pigments and/or additives encapsulated during a heat process into a carrier resin which is then cooled and cut into a granular shape. Masterbatch allows the processor to colour raw polymer economically during the plastics manufacturing process.

Additive masterbatches modify various properties of the base plastic:

·         Color masterbatches

·         ultraviolet light resistance

·         flame retardant

·         anti-fouling

·         anti-static

·         lubrication

·         anti-slip

·         corrosion inhibitors for metals packaged in plastic

·         anti-microbials

·         anti-oxidants

·         extrusion aids

·         phosphorescence

Our masterbatch solutions include an array of additive materials that enhance the performance of Polymer films, parts, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce manufacturing downtime and enable smooth product transitions – available in a variety of physical forms for different applications.