Nylon PA11 is a fine bioplastic polyamide powder; The material is among the rare bio-based engineering plastics made out of renewable raw materials derived from vegetable oil, mainly castor oil.

Unlike PA11, Nylon PA12 is a synthetic whitish fine powder derived mainly from petroleum sources. It is optimized as much as PA11 for the use as a laser sintering material.

PA11 has properties quite similar to Nylon PA12. However, PA11 has a lower environmental impact, consumes less non-renewable resources to be produced, and has superior thermal resistance. Indeed, PA11 is stable to light, UV, and weather. It is also characterized by good elasticity, high elongation at break and high impact resistance.

Nylon PA12, on the other hand, is exceptionally strong even when temperatures dip below freezing. It is characterized by high strength, stiffness, strong resistance to cracking under stress, and an excellent long-term constant behavior.


PA11 compared to PA12

Low water absorption for a Nylon (c. 2.5% at saturation)

Reasonable UV resistance (compared to other Nylons, not just PA 12)

Higher strength

Better heat resistance

Lower environmental impact

Consumes less renewable resources during production

PA12 compared to PA66

More expensive

Low impact strength.

Lower operating temperature


Electric and electronic