Polyurethane based adhesives

Polyurethane based adhesives can set solid and relatively inflexible, or can remain rubbery and flexible. A wide range of adhesives has been developed to meet all marked needs. Constant research and development is directed to extend product applications. The adhesive are generally classified in terms of performance.

Solvent based adhesives

Laminates made with solvent-based adhesives covering the widest range of applications, from general purpose to high performance.

Main advantages are strong initial tack and final bond strength with good flexibility, and good optical properties.

·         Good machinability

·         Large range of applications

·         Strong green tack enables fast onward processing

·         Use of traditional equipment

·         Well established technology

Solvent free adhesives

Solvent free adhesives have been formulated to remove the environmental impact of solvent emissions, and to reduce costs.

Machine and films suppliers have made a big contribution to the use of solvent free adhesives in terms of both performance and application.

·         High machine speeds

·         Cost-efficient

·         No solvent retention

·         No pollution

·         Reduced equipment cost


Film Lamination Adhesive