Electrical conductive polymers

Karan Abar Baspar  vast knowledge of conductive thermoplastics, has enabled the development of a large variety of grades for numerous applications and requirements.

Anti-Static Compounds

(1012 to 109 ohm); Slow static decay times so that ESD is still  a danger. Mainly useful for preventing dust accumulation.

Static Dissipative  Compounds

(109    to  106    ohm);  Slow  to  moderate  static  decay times. Prevents electrostatic discharge on  human contact.

Conductive Compounds

(106  to 100   ohm);  Fast  static decay  times in milliseconds. Can provide grounding path.

EMI/RF Shielding Compounds

(103     to   100      ohm);   In   addition    to   being   highly conductive, these compounds can absorb and reflect electromagnetic radiation.