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  • Poly Phetalamid (PPA)

    PPAis Flexible thermoplastic at high temperature that can be replaced by metals at high temperature.

    Eurotec Company produces Poly Phtalamid Based on PPA, than is suitable for injection molding.

    PPA injection resins today are replaced with metal components, for reduced the price, weight and fuel consumption and for increased benefit lifetime of cars. Since PPA injection resins compared with Aliphatic Polyamides have more difficulty and more costly for injection but today PPAs process in similar temperatures process like to PA11 & PA12 and with similar molds and cooling systems can be molding because rate of shrinkage in PPAs like to PP11 & PA12.

    Moisture absorption in this polymer is low and that means before the process no needs preparation. Other advantages of this new product are dimensional stability and very high uniformity. This product has good toughness and for this reason has good balance between design and strength and no broke. This product has good thermal resistance and electrical resistance and mechanical properties.


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