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  • PBT

    Tecodur® is the registered trade mark for Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) compounds produced by Eurotec. Eurotec is offering a wide range of PBT compounds and also blends with PET and PC.

  • Properties

    Our high quality technical compounds are able to meet the full range of requirements including product properties, process needs and end-use demands.

    Key properties of Tecodur®resins offer:

    • Excellent stiffness and hardness
    • Good mechanical strength
    • Good creep and fatigue behavior
    • Very good thermal stability
    • Excellent flammability characteristics
    • Good electrical properties
    • High wear resistance and low friction
    • Good dimensional stability
    • Very good chemical resistance
    • Excellent flow and processing properties
    • Low moisture absorption
    • Very good surface finish
  • Products

    Tecodur®products are consisting of the most diverse characteristics with different modifiers, stabilizers, special additives and customized colours as:

    • Unreinforced
    • Impact modified
    • Glass fiber reinforced
    • Mineral filled and reinforced
    • Low warpage types
    • Flame retardant
    • High tracking resistance
    • Lubricated
    • Surface modified
    • Heat stabilized
    • UV/light stabilized
    • Speciality
  • Applications

    Due to excellent balance of properties, Tecodur®grades are suitable for an extensive range of industries like:

    • Automotive
    • Electrical / Electronic
    • Business Equipment
    • Construction
    • Home appliances


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